Ab Aeterno

"We need to talk."

Richard finds his way to the stone statue where Jacob lives. He is about to go inside and try to kill him, but Jacob tackles him and they fight. Richard tells him about his encounter with MiB. Angry that Richard thought they were in Hell, Jacob dunks Richard in the ocean three times, like a baptism, then tells him that they need to talk.

"Why should I have to step in?"

Jacob and Richard talk. Jacob explains his idea that the people he brings to the Island need to help themselves, but Richard argues back that if Jacob doesn't step in, MiB will. Intrigued by what he had said, Jacob offers Richard a job as being his representitive, going between him and the people he brings to the Island. Richard agrees, and Jacob offers him one thing in return. Richard asks for Isabella back, but Jacob says he can't bring her back, so he asks to be redeemed of his sins, but Jacob can't do that either. Richard decides that he wants to live forever, which Jacob agrees to.

"I see you got my present."

Jacob and MiB talk on a rock. MiB swears he will kill Jacob somehow, but Jacob says that someone will just take his place. He hands MiB a wine bottle, which MiB smashes once Jacob is gone.